Membership Application 

Society dues may now be paid by credit card or by PayPal.

Scroll this page to the bottom and find the PayPal button. Choose which years you want to cover with your subscription - you will be directed to the credit card payment system (PayPal) Web site. This is a secure system where you can enter your credit credit card information and pay your AECVP dues online.

To join AECVP,  you may use the  Membership Application form and submit it to the secretary of AECVP as stated in the form. After acceptance by the Board and the General Assembly  you will receive the confirmation  by the Secretary and you will be entitle to pay the annual membership fee of 50 Euros. The payment of the first year is waived.

To renew membership please use the online electronic annual fee payment through Paypal .

There are four categories of AECVP membership: 

trainee membership is open to all individuals in training (resident, fellow, medical student, nursing student, graduate student, Ph.D students). Membership fees are waived for trainees. Trainees may not vote or hold office, but may apply for regular membership at the change of their professional status.

honorary membership is bestowed upon individuals who gave major scientific contribution for the advancement of the knowledge of cardiovascular disease.  Membership fees are waived for honorary members. 

Emeritus membership is bestowed upon individuals who are regular members who have retired or in any other way have ended their active career and want to retain membership.

Regular membership is open to all individuals actively involved in cardiovascular pathology. Regular members are qualified pathologists, together with scientiests and clinicians who are not pathologists but who declare interest tothe field of cardiovascular disease. Regular members may vote, hold office, and serve on committees.